May 12, 2019

May 13, 2019


Fourth Sunday of Easter + John 16:16-22

Today, our nation celebrates mother’s day.

It is sad, that in this country mothers matter only once a year.

In the Christian Church, the gift of mothers is celebrated every day.

Thanks be to God for our mothers, because of them we have life.

On the sixth day of creation, God made man and woman,

male and female He made them.

Mothers must be women, they have to be females, that is how God created them.

God created women for the purpose of having children, that they would be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. In order for there to be mothers, there must also be fathers.

A woman cannot be fruitful and multiply by herself.

It is God’s plan, that man and woman are to marry for the purpose

of producing children.

It is a sin for a man and woman to be sexually active if their desire is not for the purpose of producing children.

Sex outside of marriage is a sin. Sexuality is a gift only to be celebrated within

the bonds of marriage.

Within the bonds of marriage, there can only be a wife if there is a husband.

Woman is man’s helper and man is woman’s protector and provider.  They are to love, honor, comfort and keep each other, in sickness and health, in richness and poverty,

in good times and in bad.

Husband and wife are dependant upon each other.

In the blessing and abundance of their mutual companionship and support, together they are able to care for and provide for their children. Father and mother are dependant upon each other.

But unfortunately, men do not want to get married, they don’t want the responsibility of taking care of a wife, being fully committed to her. Men don’t want to take care of and provide for the children they have created.  Men must repent of their selfish ways, we must hold them to a higher standard.

It is because of man’s laziness, that women raise their children alone and that they are often doing so in great poverty.

Man and woman, husband and wife, father and mother, are to bring up their children in the fear of the Lord. They are to baptize their children, that God would make them His own. They are to teach them the Ten Commandments, that they would be written on their minds and their hearts. Parents are to bring their children to church, participating in the liturgy, teaching them the Apostles’ Creed, that they would know in whom they are to fear, love and trust above all things. They are to teach them the Lord’s Prayer, that they can call upon God’s name in their time of need. They are to gather together at the Communion rail, being strengthened in their eating and drinking the very body and blood of Jesus, given and shed for the forgiveness of sins.

This is what it means to be a family, in the house of God.

The problem we find ourselves in today, is that man and woman do not

understand their purpose.

Young girls are naught taught by their mothers and grandmothers what it means to be a woman in God’s eyes. In our families husbands are not taking care of their wives.

Fathers are not loving mothers, as they love themselves. Fathers are not taking care of their children, teaching them the way of the Lord. Family, the way God established it, is falling apart.

Adultery and affairs are considered normal. Rape is okay. Divorce is too easy.

We do not look upon girls and women as gifts of God, to be treasured. We do not look at marriage and family as blessings, so why do we think we would consider highly and prize the gift of mothers?

We must repent and turn away from the ways of the world.

God has given us the gifts of man and woman, father and mother, husband and wife, children and families, and indeed they are gifts of God to be treasured.

We must stand up and fight against our sinful desires.

Following His resurrection, Jesus told His disciples that for a “little while” they would not see Him, but after a “little while” they would see. Jesus was talking about His ascension into heaven and His coming again on the Last Day to judge the quick and the dead. This would be a good thing, because the sorrow they have now would be removed and their hearts would rejoice. To understand this “little while”, Jesus described a mother giving birth. The suffering and the pain that a mother experiences during labor is for only a “little while” and then after her baby is born, she forgets the pain and suffering that she endured because a baby has been born.

There is sorrow and pain in being a wife and a mother, but that is why God created

husbands and fathers.

Husbands are to be Jesus in the marriage, they are to die for their wives,

just as Jesus did on the cross.

Fathers are to be Jesus in the family, they are to give up themselves completely for their family, richly and daily providing for them, giving of themselves completely

for them.

In this, husbands and fathers provide comfort and support and encouragement

for their wives.

This removes much of the pain and suffering and tears that a woman endures

every day as a wife and a mother.

And for both husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters,

God is faithful to all  of you.

God richly and daily provides for you, He takes care of you. You are not in want.

God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost never leaves you, never forgets about you,

is always with you.

God is faithful to you. He was born of a father and mother for you. He suffered and died for you. He rose from the dead for you and ascended into heaven for you. And just as He promised, so will He do, He will come again to take you to be where He is

in heaven, to wipe away all of your tears, that your hearts may be filled with joy.

And until then, mother and fathers, husbands and wives, blessed families of God, your Lord invites you to come here, to His holy house, to be washed, to be cleaned,

to be taught, to be fed, to be comforted, that your sorrow would be turned to joy.

Thanks be to God for you our mothers, our fathers, our husbands, our wives, our families, you are gifts of God. And thank you for being here today, doing your duty. Amen.